What To Feed A Young Rabbit

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hey guys this is Abbie and in this video

I'm going to be talking about what to

feed a young rabbit

so I already covered adult rabbits in

another video so in this one I'm going

to be covering rabbits from eight weeks

to seven months so like always water

should be fed unlimitedly

and you can provide water in a bowl or

bottle I prefer using bowls but that's

just me some people like bottles better

but just make sure you always have fresh

water available for your rabbit when

you're stuck in the box do you need help

next up is hey young rabbits should be

fed unlimited alfalfa hay alfalfa hay

has a lot more protein which is good for

younger rabbits as they're growing but

for older rabbits that much protein

really isn't good for their system when

they're young you really should feed

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