Kitten & Cat Care : How to Raise Just-Born Kittens

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hi I'm dr. Marcia Martin and we're here

at safe harbor Animal Rescue in Jupiter

Florida to talk about animal healthcare

this segment we're going to talk about

caring for kittens raising a kitten is

really a lot of fun it's also a lot of

work so the first thing you need to do

when you find that little kitten is kind

of determine how old he is because then

you're going to know just how hard you

have to work with him the first thing

roll him over and look at that belly if

you see a little tiny cord coming out of

his belly button he's less than three

days old your eyes should open around

ten days teeth start coming through the

gum line at about two weeks you need to

build a nest for your kittens to keep

them warm the easiest way to do that is

with either a crate or a cardboard box

you need the bottom of your of your nest

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