Teaching a 4 week to 5 week old kitten to eat solid food - found a kitten - stabilizing them

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to do with little about four week old

kittens so this kittens has teeth but

they're just eighty bitty and part way

through so I'd say he's just almost four

weeks old he's very like he can move

around really fast but he was found by

someone and he didn't hiss and run away

you know he's young enough to still be

scooped up so I'd say he's probably

about four weeks maybe almost four weeks

so I'm going to show how to what I call

hand feed but basically it's for those

four to five week old

they have never eaten canned food just

mama's milk so what I do with them when

I get any little kitten like this they

may not know how to drink from a bowl so

I like to give them this a little bit of

water too to make sure that they have

some hydration oh yes he's very ready to

eat and then out I'll either take a

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