What & How to Feed Kittens age 4 to 6 Weeks old

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hi there and welcome back to get in

school so I get a lot of questions from

people wanting to know what age kittens

can start eating on their own and what

kind of food to feed them kittens who

are with a mama cat who's producing milk

will continue to nurse for as long as

mama will let them I've seen cats well

over a year old nursing off of a very

compliant mother but most moms will

start weaning the kittens at around two

to three months as they get less milk

the kittens will then learn to eat solid

food by watching their mother eat so if

you are caring for kittens who don't

have a mother you'll need to teach them

how to eat on their own healthy kittens

can begin to start eating solid food on

their own as young as four weeks old if

you are caring for motherless kittens

who are younger than that then they will

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