How much food to feed your Kitten? | Veterinary Approved

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hey guys so you've been all over the

Internet trying to find a straight

answer on how much to feed your kitten

until now I'm Dr Lindsey butzer a small

animal veterinarian and I'm going to

show you guys exactly how much you need

to feed your sweet new little kitten and

I'm gonna explain it to you in a super

easy way


so since I'm a veterinarian I want to

show you guys this body condition score

card that we use as veterinarians that

rate through animals from a one to a

nine one being emaciated or too thin and

that's when you can palpate your animals

ribs easily you could feel their spine

and for fluffy cats like this you should

be able to feel their pelvis if they're

too thin so for a nine that cat's gonna

be really obese and overweight they're

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