What to feed a baby BIRD | Homemade hand feeding formula recipe #babybird #birds #aviary

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hey guys welcome back to the channel so

glad to have you here like always in

today's episode i'm going to be showing

you guys how to make a home style hand

feeding formula for your baby birds and

i've done a variety of different videos

of baby birds in the past and the

majority of the times i'm showing you

guys how to hand feed them using

some commercial style hand feeding

formulas that you can buy online or you

can buy at local pet shops

but one of the biggest problems that

we've learned over this past two years

with this pandemic is that unfortunately

things can sometimes be in short supply

they may be hard to find at times they

may take longer than expected to get

delivered or they may not be in stock at

your local pet stores so it is very

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